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Secretary General of Muslim Council of Elders praises Egypt for Promoting Tolerance

The Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Elders Dr. Sultan Al Remeithi has praised the Arab Republic of Egypt for its role in countering hate speech and extremism, during an online seminar titled ‘Combatting Extremism and Hate Speech: A New Dawn’ which was organized by the TRENDS Research and Advisory center. 

Al Remeithi also acknowledged the commendable role of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah El Sisi in implementing a strategy to stem hate and extremism which would have plunged the entire region into a state of anarchy. He also praised Egypt’s current renaissance and the many development projects underway to enhance Egypt’s standing regionally and internationally.

Dr. Al Remeithi added, “Extremism has crossed international boundaries through its exploitation of social and economic changes in often-complex societal environments. There must be concerted intellectual efforts to address extremism by enlightening and educating people in order to avoid the disaster of creating societies that are incubators for extremism.”

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