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Muslim Council of Elders warmly welcomes UN Security Council’s resolution to facilitate extensive, secure delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip

The Muslim Council of Elders (MCE), presided over by His Eminence Dr. Ahmed El-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, warmly welcomes the recent decision of the United Nations Security Council. This resolution urgently advocates for immediate actions to facilitate the comprehensive and secure delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, guaranteeing unimpeded access without obstacles. The Council underscores the crucial significance of creating the necessary conditions for a lasting and sustainable ceasefire.

In conveying the Council’s support for this resolution, His Excellency Judge Mohamed Abdelsalam, the Secretary-General of the MCE, expresses the hope that it will substantially contribute to alleviating the suffering of innocent civilians in Gaza. He underscores the urgent need for decisive measures to halt the Israeli aggression, which has tragically claimed the lives of thousands of innocents, mainly women and children, and caused considerable damage to the besieged infrastructure of Gaza.

In this context, the Muslim Council of Elders acknowledges and commends the pivotal role played by the United Arab Emirates in proposing this resolution. The Council calls upon the international community to safeguard the rights of the Palestinian people, ensuring their legitimate and rightful pursuit of establishing an independent state, with its capital situated in the revered city of Jerusalem.

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