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Grand Imam meets Prince Charles at Al-Azhar Mosque

His Eminence Dr. Ahmed El-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and Chairman of the Muslim Council of Elders has met Charles, Prince of Wales at Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, Egypt. The two discussed various matters related to interfaith dialogue, countering hate and climate change. Prince Charles was also presented with a copy of the ‘Human Fraternity Document’ which was signed by the Grand Imam and Pope Francis in 2019. 

During the meeting, the Grand Imam said, “Prince Charles’ courage and wisdom over the years have helped build bridges of dialogue between various cultures and religions. This culminated in the historic signing of the Human Fraternity Document along with Pope Francis, Pontiff of the Catholic Church. We have also been in long dialogue with the Church of England, which led to the ‘Emerging Peacemakers Forum’, an initiative which trained young leaders from different backgrounds on dialogue and tolerance.”

For his part, Prince Charles expressed his admiration of the Grand Imam and his efforts to curb extremism and promote interfaith dialogue and tolerance. The Duke of Cornwall also indicated that the Grand Imam’s relationship with Pope Francis is very admirable and has helped cement their legacies as great proponents of peace and interfaith harmony.

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